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(Photo credit: Hamish Pritchard)

The mass balance of the ice sheets continues to change over time.  In addition, there is an ever-increasing volume of data from satellite missions such as CryoSat-2 alongside updates to existing methodologies and ancillary datasets.  In fact, there are now well over 150 individual assessments of ice sheet mass balance based on measurements acquired by at least 15 different satellite missions.

The IPCC AR5 (2015) meanwhile states that although “advances in scientific understanding and capability have resulted in improved sea level projections….significant challenges remain in representing the dynamics of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets”.

In light of these developments, it is now time for an updated community assessment of ice sheet mass balance.

A second IMBIE assessment will take place in 2016, and will be updated annually. As with IMBIE 2012, it will collate, compare, integrate, interpret, and report satellite estimates of ice sheet mass balance, with the overall aim of producing a community assessment of Greenland and Antarctica’s ongoing contributions to global sea level rise.

One of the key objectives of this phase is to broaden participation across the scientific community, and any team able to contribute a unique data set to one of our five experimental groups is invited to join.

IMBIE will also continue to conduct additional experiments to improve our understanding of any differences that emerge, as well as of the processes that are driving ice sheet imbalance.