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IMBIE encourages wider participation from members of the scientific community who were not involved in our first assessment. As part of the ongoing project, we aim to provide continued and regular assessments of mass balance by combining altimetry, gravimetry and input-output method measurements. If you have data that you would like to contribute to future IMBIE efforts, an upload facility will appear shortly on this page. The creators of any data incorporated into future IMBIE assessments will be consulted and involved throughout the whole process. We will endeavour to include all suitable data submitted into future publication.

In accordance with the findings of the initial phase of the project and to enable effective inter-comparisons and combination of datasets we request the following data standards:

1. Submitted data should conform to the regional and basin delineations as provided on the data downloads page of this website.

2. All data must be accompanied by an associated estimate or data errors.

3. Each dataset is to be accompanied by a metadata file which outlines the time period covered by the dataset, the time step of time series, the processing methodology including a full description of any corrections applied to the data, and the method used for calculating errors.

4. Methods used to develop your dataset and the associated uncertainty estimates must be fully documented.