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This page contains downloads for the deliverables of the IMBIE 2016 project.


D1: Assessment Software

The software developed will combine individual assessments of ice sheet mass balance to determine a reconciled estimate of ice sheet mass balance, taking into account the spatial and temporal domain of the input data and their uncertainties, and generate summary graphical and tabulated output.


D2: Assessment Software Documentation

Full description of the assessment software outlining its functionality, the algorithms involved, and its verification using test data.


D3: IMBIE Web Portal Description

Description of the portal accommodating participant enrolment, participant data upload, and user download of the reconciled data set.


D4: Framework Description Document

Description of the assessment process employed in the second phase of IMBIE. It includes the agreed rules for participant data sets, an overview of the assessment schedule and procedures, and descriptions of the spatial and temporal domains to be used.