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Participate in IMBIE 2022

We are pleased to announce that we are opening the 2022 Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-Comparison Exercise (IMBIE) for data submissions. The data submission portal will be opened until the end of March 2022.

If you are able to contribute a unique data set of mass change of Antarctica and/or Greenland, please consider submitting your mass balance estimate to the 2022 IMBIE mass balance assessment.

Participants will be able to submit either (or both):

  • – Time-series of mass change
  • – Rates of mass change


Participants should use the drainage basins described here for their mass balance estimation.

Please check the file formats to prepare your data submission to the IMBIE 2022 mass balance assessment.

Participation Conditions

To participate in IMBIE, you must contribute a unique data set that you or your team has created to one of our five experimental groups (Altimetry, Gravimetry, Mass Budget, SMB or GIA). You are only allowed to submit one data set to each experimental group. The methods you employ and their errors must have been fully described in an international peer-reviewed journal or, in exceptional circumstances, in an accompanying document that will be subject to peer review by the IMBIE Executive Committee. You are also expected to play an active role in the exercise, remaining in timely correspondence with the project coordinators when required.

The creators of any data incorporated into future IMBIE assessments will be consulted and involved throughout the whole process. We will endeavour to include all suitable data submitted into future publication.