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After two successful iterations of the IMBIE project, during which we produced reconciled estimates of ice sheet mass balance by combining altimetry, gravimetry and input-output method measurements, IMBIE has entered its third phase. The previous two phases led to a reduction in ice sheet mass balance uncertainties and showed a 6-fold increase in the rate of mass loss during the satellite era. In addition to continuing this exercise, the new phase of IMBIE includes new objectives designed to provide more robust and regular estimates of ice sheet mass balance and their contribution to global mean sea level rise. These new objectives are to:

  • • Include data from new satellite missions including GRACE-FO and ICESAT-2
  • • Provide annual assessments of ice sheet mass balance
  • • Partition changes into dynamics and surface mass balance processes
  • • Produce regional assessments
  • • Examine the remaining biases between the three geodetic techniques

If you have data that you would like to contribute to future IMBIE efforts, an upload facility will appear shortly on this page. The creators of any data incorporated into future IMBIE assessments will be consulted and involved throughout the whole process. We will endeavour to include all suitable data submitted into future publication.