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IMBIE Executive Committee welcomes new members (12/04/2022)

We are very happy to welcome Charles Amory (Université Grenoble Alpes), Louise Sandberg Sørensen (DTU Space), , Michalea King (University of Washington), Martin Horwath (TU Dresden) and Karen Simon (TU Delft) on the IMBIE Executive Committee. They will help us steer the IMBIE activities and will contribute to discussions on topics of high importance for ice sheet mass balance assessments.

Extended deadline for IMBIE 2022 assessment, new deadline 30th April (24/03/2022)

We have decided to extend the deadline for data submissions for the IMBIE 2022 mass balance
assessment to 30 th  April.
If you are able to contribute a unique data set of ice sheet mass change over Antarctica and/or
Greenland, please consider using this extra month to submit your estimate to our 2022 IMBIE
assessment. You can submit your ice sheet mass balance estimates at:

Call for data for IMBIE 2022 assessment (06/01/2022)

We are pleased to announce that we are now opening the 2022 Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-
Comparison Exercise (IMBIE). Data submissions are welcomed during the three-month period from
January 1 st 2022 to until March 31 st 2022.
If you are able to contribute a unique data set of ice sheet mass change, please consider submitting
your estimate to our 2022 IMBIE assessment. Details on how to format and submit your data set can
be found at
We will be repeating this exercise every year, so there will be further opportunities to get involved if
your contribution is not ready in time.

IMBIE contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) (10/08/2021)

IMBIE has provided an updated mass balance assessment for IPCC and this was widely used in AR6. It
is used as their primary numerical assessment of ice sheet mass balance and is in total referenced 62
times including in the Summary for Policymakers. A special acknowledgement of thanks to the
project is included in Chapter 9 of the report: “We acknowledge the contribution of invited expert
reviewers and the IMBIE Team. Their valuable input and advice have significantly improved the

Launch of IMBIE-3 (01/07/2021)

We kicked off the third phase of IMBIE in June 2021. In this new phase, we are planning on (i)
delivering annual mass balance assessments, (ii) including data from new satellite missions, (iii)
partitioning mass trends into their surface mass balance and dynamical imbalance components and
(iv) performing regional assessments.